Sheri Mello Biography

Sheri’s desire to become an artist began in 6th grade. With the encouragement from Mr. Angelo, her 6th grade teacher, she entered the 6th grade art contest at Chester Rowell Grammar School in Fresno, CA. She received a blue ribbon award for 1st place. The subject was a nine-banded armadillo.

Sherry Mello Sheri Mello - Artist

Many years later and burning with desire to paint, she decided to give art a try. With the help and encouragement of her friend, Susan Schmidt, a Jr. High art teacher, she produced a few paintings. She entered three of her paintings in the Calaveras County Fair and took home two blue ribbons.

At that time, she began working full time and; again, put art aside.
After retirement, she met Joni McPherson, an accomplished art teacher. After a few classes of art instruction from her, Joni encouraged Sheri to paint and to keep painting. Being mostly self-taught, Sheri’s production was slow—but she loved it.

Several of her paintings went to her family and friends. She also donated to her school district for their yearly Gala to raise funds at the silent auction, which went toward the extra-hire for specialty and creative classes. She recently decided to share some of her work with you.

Her inspirations for painting come from her travels, galleries, museums, books, libraries, and group-painting with other artists. She never knows where or when she will be captivated or inspried for a painting. One painting was inspired at a small county airport in San Andreas, CA. She took some photos of air planes while she was there, but the history and roar of the engine of the T-28 Trojan was captivating—that connection stayed with her while she completed the painting.